Reasons To Order Takeout From A Pizza Restaurant

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Reasons To Order Takeout From A Pizza Restaurant

2 November 2022
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Most pizza shops will offer dine-in service, delivery, and takeout. They all have advantages depending on what you're trying to do, but some people don't consider takeout and never get their food that way. Here are some of the reasons why it's sometimes the best option:

You Want to Eat at Home

Some people don't enjoy eating in a public setting, so they prefer to pick up their pizzas instead of eating them at a restaurant. You may choose to eat in privacy with your family, so you don't have to worry about behaving a particular way in public, and you can instead unwind, and all be yourselves. There are also times when you could order pizzas for a birthday party or some other occasion, and it makes more sense to bring the food home instead of everyone driving to a pizzeria. 

Avoid Delivery Costs 

You might think that you could just as easily get your pizza delivered to your home if you don't want to eat at a restaurant, but delivery costs can add up and make your lunch or dinner much more expensive. Most pizza shops charge a delivery fee, and it's also polite to tip your driver a percentage of the total price. You can quickly end up paying the price of an additional pizza in delivery costs, so you'd be better off picking it up yourself. 

Get the Food While It's Fresh

Pizza tastes much better when it's still hot and fresh, so if you can get your pizza from the restaurant to your home faster than the delivery driver, it's worth doing. The longer it sits around, the worse it begins to taste, and delivery drivers often make multiple other stops before getting to your house. Most pizzerias give their drivers special bags to keep the pizzas warm, but it also causes them to become soggy.

You're Not in the Delivery Area

If you want to eat your pizza at home and you're not within the restaurant's delivery zone, takeout is your only way to do that. Some pizza shops don't even offer delivery, so if you don't want to eat at the restaurant, you'll have to go there and get your food to go. 

Pick-up Only Deals

Many pizza restaurants benefit when you order takeout because they don't have to use delivery drivers or servers, which both cost them money. Therefore, they may offer special deals for folks who order their food to go.

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