Less Common Types Of Restaurants To Seek Out

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Less Common Types Of Restaurants To Seek Out

3 April 2023
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Most people are familiar with the common types of restaurants. There are bad-and-grill style restaurants, buffets, sushi bars, pubs, fine dining establishments — and the list goes on. But while many restaurants fall into one of these categories, these are far from the only categories of restaurants that exist. Here are a few other, less popular types of restaurants to consider seeking out if you're in the mood for something different.

Family-Style Restaurant

When people eat at home with their families, they often put large portions of various dishes in serving bowls and put those serving bowls on the table. They then pass these dishes around the table, and everyone serves themselves. Family-style restaurants serve food in this same manner. When you sit down, you peruse a menu of dishes, which you can often order in two or three different sizes. All of the sizes are meant to serve more than one person. Order a few dishes that you think everyone will enjoy. They'll be served to you in large bowls or on serving plates. You'll get to pass them around and take what you wish. This restaurant approach makes for a lot of conversation and a friendly atmosphere. It's also a great way to try some new dishes.


This type of restaurant has a weird name, but the food tends to be delightful. Gastropubs are like pubs, but everything is upscale. They generally have a good selection of craft beers, sometimes predominantly made in the local area. The dishes are upscale versions of popular bar fare, such as fancy burgers and woodfired pizza. They like to play around with flavors, creating dishes that pair well with their beers. A gastropub is a fun, relaxed type of restaurant to visit with friends who are also "foodies."


Pop-up restaurants are those that are only there temporarily. For example, a pop-up might open from June to July. Usually, a pop-up will have a certain and specific concept and a defined menu. For example, it may be a pop-up steakhouse with a menu that contains three pre-fixe meal options. Chefs set up this type of restaurant to sample a new concept and see how it performs, or because they are only in town for a while. Pop-ups are fun if you're adventurous with your food and want to try something new.

Seek out these less common types of restaurants for a fun and unique experience. 

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