Why You Should Have A Stock Pot Range In Your Commercial Kitchen

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Why You Should Have A Stock Pot Range In Your Commercial Kitchen

25 August 2022
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When you're buying commercial restaurant equipment for your establishment's kitchen, the range will be one of the most important things you buy. It's important to spend lots of time researching different ranges, as this will increase the probability that you buy the right one for your kitchen. One related piece of equipment that you may also wish to consider is a stock pot range. This is a smaller stainless steel range that is designed to hold a large stock pot, making it a good option for any restaurant that routinely has soup or stew on its menu. Here are some reasons that you should have a stock pot range in your kitchen.

Frees Up Range Space

If you're going to be cooking a large pot of soup, you might not like the idea of doing so on your main kitchen range. Even if this range is large, the idea of using one of its burners for a prolonged period of time may be problematic. Certain soups, stews, and sauces need to simmer for hours, which means that you'll have fewer range burners available to cook other foods during this time. You'll likely find that the biggest advantage of having a stock pot range is that it allows you to cook food without taking up space on your primary range.

Easy To Set Up Anywhere

Another reason that a stock pot range is an asset is that its compact size allows you to set it up anywhere in your kitchen. For example, if you task one kitchen staff member with making a pot of soup, you can plug in the range in an area that's out of the way. The staff member can prepare the ingredients on a nearby work surface and then stir the soup when needed. If this particular area gets busy for any reason, it's easy for the staff member to wheel the stock pot range elsewhere in the kitchen.

Offers Extra Cooking Space

A stock pot range is designed to hold a large stock pot, but you can use this kitchen appliance in other ways when there's a need. For example, if one of the burners on your primary range isn't working correctly and you don't currently need to cook soup, it's easy to use the stock pot range for any type of cooking. Without having it in your kitchen, you'd simply have fewer burners on which to cook, which would slow down your kitchen's production. 

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