4 New Ways To Enjoy Pepperoni Pizza

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4 New Ways To Enjoy Pepperoni Pizza

28 December 2020
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One of the more common toppings for pizza is pepperoni. If you love ordering pepperoni pizza, then learn about some new ways to enjoy pepperoni pizza and change the way you eat the delicious meal.

1. Pepperoni Crust

When ordering pizza delivery, you can request to expand the pepperoni all the way to edges of the crust. The pepperoni will cook right into the crust add some layers of flavor to each bite. Once you reach the crust of the pizza, you can dip it into a pizza sauce or another topping for more flavor. 

If the pepperoni crust is too greasy to hold, you can eat the pizza with a fork and knife to enjoy every bite and not have to constantly wipe your hands.

2. Buried Pepperoni

When pepperoni cooks on the top of pizza, the grease usually just pools on top of the meat or on the cheese. When you order pizza delivery, ask for the pepperoni placed under the cheese. The grease and flavors will soak up into the sauce and crust, really elevating the spices from the pepperoni and trapping the flavors within the pizza.

If a pizza restaurant does not offer pepperoni under the crust, then you can request extra cheese on the pizza. The extra cheese will cover the pepperoni and help lock in the flavors as well.

3. Double the Meat

If you really love pepperoni, then you can get the most out of the pizza by asking for double the topping. A double pepperoni pizza will ensure you have pepperoni in every bite and can fully enjoy the flavors. Some pizza restaurants may offer two types of pepperoni. The traditional flat pepperoni and the smaller cupped pepperoni that curls when cooked.

You can request both kinds on the same pizza for a lot of variety.

4. Pepperoni Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian pizza is typically served with pineapple and ham, but you can mix up the topping by replacing the ham with pepperoni. The pepperoni adds a little more spice and really helps balance out the sweet flavors of the pineapple. The visuals of the pizza showcase a nice contrast between red and yellow as well.

When ordering, just request a pizza with pepperoni and pineapple on top. This way you are simply ordering a pizza with two toppings as opposed to changing the toppings on a Hawaiian pizza special.

Try one or more of the pizza options the next time you get pizza delivery to see which ones are your favorite!