Make A Good Impression During A Date With A New Acquaintance

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Make A Good Impression During A Date With A New Acquaintance

5 December 2019
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Online dating is a viable way to meet someone with the qualities that you are seeking. If compatibility is a concern and you won't settle for anything less, it may take a while for you to weed through prospective matches. After conversing with someone on several occasions, take a chance and ask them if they would join you for an authentic meal that is prepared at an Italian private dining restaurant.

Make Your Reservation And Prepare To Arrive Early

After speaking to your date and finding out what time they will be free, make a reservation at one of the most popular Italian restaurants in town. Request a private booth or table that is located in the back of the restaurant. Be prepared to arrive at the restaurant, slightly before your date. This will allow to you be seated and you can look over the wine list or view the menu. In addition, request some information about the daily specials.

All of this information that you are given will help you relax and feel prepared, once your date arrives. After all, it might be slightly awkward when you first introduce yourself to the other person. Because you will already have an idea of what types of dishes are served, you may be able to fill in any awkward gaps, by repeating the information that you have been provided with.

Let Your Date Take The Lead

Order a couple of glasses of wine and spend some time speaking to your date so that you can get to know them better. When it comes time to order dinner, allow your new acquaintance to place their order first. Don't act surprised if they pick something that you would never dream of ordering and keep any probing questions to yourself. Order an Italian meal that you are fairly familiar with and that you have enjoyed in the past.

Once the meals arrive, remember that you are probably being somewhat scrutinized, even if your partner isn't verbally admitting that they are doing so. For this reason, use your best table manners. Consume your food slowly and wait patiently for your guest to finish their meal. If you ordered spaghetti or another Italian dish that contains a lot of tomato sauce, be especially careful to cut your food and eat each bite slowly so that the sauce doesn't wind up spilling down the front of your shirt.

Do not make a big deal about the arrival of the check and discreetly pay it. If the first dining experience was a success and you and your partner enjoyed yourselves, ask them if they would like to accompany you on a followup restaurant trip that involves visiting another fine dining restaurant in the area.