Pros And Cons Of The Impossible Burger

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Pros And Cons Of The Impossible Burger

8 August 2018
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If you have tried a veggie burger, you might have felt like it was just not authentic enough to replace burgers that are made with beef or other meat products. However, new technologies are being developed to make better veggie burgers, including the "impossible" burger. This type of veggie burger is found at a growing number of restaurants.

How the Impossible Burger Works

The impossible burger uses a plant-based patty that will bleed and sizzle similar to actual meat. A particular ingredient called haem is used to give the plant a more meat-like flavor. The outside of the burger is coated in coconut oil to give the burger a crunchy outside. When fried, the burger has a pink inside. 

While many find that the impossible burger tastes better than other types of veggie burgers, it still tastes somewhat different from a real burger according to some, and the texture doesn't perfectly mimic a real burger. However, if you are trying to avoid meat and if you try one, you may have found your substitute. 

One reason you may choose not to eat this burger is that it is genetically modified. The substance comes from the roots of soybean plants. The ingredient hasn't been consumed by humans on a widespread level before, so it's unclear the health effects of this product.

The Safety of the Impossible Burger

Food manufacturers are not required by the FDA to seek approval for new ingredients. Food manufacturers can self-affirm their food products as being safe. However, the agency has the power to remove products that it believes are a public health risk. 

Impossible Burgers Get an A+ On the Environment

If your main concern is the effect that dining out has on the environment, the impossible burger is a much better option than a real burger. Veggie burgers use a minuscule amount of land in their production compared with cattle. It also uses much less water and produces far fewer greenhouse emissions.

Health Considerations

The main goal of veggie burgers is to help you avoid eating meat, but they are not necessarily good for you. The impossible burger and other veggie burgers have more fat than a salad. This is partially because of the oils used in the frying up of the burger. However, if you're a vegetarian who loves meat and doesn't want to occasionally splurge on a meat burger, this is one option.

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