Introduce Your Children To Italian Fare With These Children's Menu Staples

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Introduce Your Children To Italian Fare With These Children's Menu Staples

12 February 2018
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When you visit any restaurant with young children, it's common to have them pick something to eat off the children's menu. One of the concerns with doing so, however, is that regardless of the type of restaurant that you visit, you'll commonly see a number of children's menu staples such as chicken fingers with fries, pizza, and grilled cheese sandwiches. If you want to broaden your children's horizons with fare that is a little more interesting, but still priced for children and offered in small portions, the children's menu at your local Italian restaurant can offer several enticing dishes. Here are some selections that your children will likely enjoy.


Ravioli can serve as a perfect introduction to pasta for your children who may be more accustomed to regular fare. Even the pickiest of young eaters shouldn't hesitate to dig into a plate of ravioli. This type of stuffed pasta is exciting for kids because every pouch contains meat, cheese, and/or other ingredients. The ravioli is topped with savory pasta sauce and served in a small portion that your child will be able to manage. Unlike some other forms of pasta, ravioli is an easy dish for young people to eat, as they can pick up one piece at a time.

Chicken Parm

If your children enjoy chicken fingers, skip over them on the children's menu and order a children's sized serving of chicken parmesan instead. This dish shares some similar traits with chicken fingers but is tastier and more involved. Instead of just breaded chicken, it's a nice piece of chicken that is breaded, but with breading that includes Italian seasonings, and has cheese and marinara sauce on it. It's commonly served over long pasta, although children's menu orders will usually offer types of pasta that are easier for children to manage.


Some children have had spaghetti and meatballs, but if your children aren't in this group, this is another children's menu item that offers a good introduction to Italian cuisine and is something that most children will enjoy. Sometimes, Italian restaurants have larger meatballs than children might have had in the past — in some cases, the dish consists of just one mega meatball sitting on a bed of pasta. Many children will get a kick out of the visual impact of this dish and be eager to dig into it. By choosing one of these menu items for your children, you'll be giving them a chance to enjoy some staples of Italian cuisine.

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