Office Lunch Ideas You Can Eat At Your Desk And Have Sufficent Protein For Muscle

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Office Lunch Ideas You Can Eat At Your Desk And Have Sufficent Protein For Muscle

23 October 2017
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It can be boring to want to drink protein shakes for lunch, but many people who are looking to gain muscle often find themselves doing just that. A protein shake is a simple and easy solution to the problem of how to get enough protein for lunch, the only problem is that it's not really a "real" lunch. The problem is that many people just don't know what sort of easy lunch options are available to them. If someone were to go onto YouTube and look at recipes for people training to gain muscle, they might see oatmeal, a big plate of egg whites and turkey bacon, or something else that really isn't suitable for the office, especially if you eat at your desk and are ordering from a local deli. But there definitely are options when it comes to ordering a lunch that you can eat at your desk that will have enough protein to let you build muscle.

Chicken Parmigiana

If you like Italian food, and you have an authentic Italian deli near your office that you would like to order from, but don't want pizza or pasta, then a chicken dish is perfect. As you know, chicken is one of the most popular foods for building protein. It's one of the cleanest and easiest to eat protein sources. You can get an authentic chicken parmigiana lunch, without the bread, and have an awesome experience. The chicken will have clean protein, a little fat, and the sauce is low in carbs. The cheese is also great. It has fat, which is important since fat satiates you, but it also has protein as well. You can have the deli deliver it in a disposable bowl instead of a plate so you won't have to worry about getting your desk messy. The other great thing about chicken parm is that it won't have a super pungent aroma and won't make the office smell.

Denver Omelette (or some similar variation)

Omelettes are not just for breakfast. If you do like eggs, then you have a perfect solution to the problem of finding a protein packed lunch. Eggs are one of the ideal protein foods, and when you add in another protein source, such as ham (as you would find in a Denver omelette) then you have a perfect lunch idea. You can order this omelette and add a green salad to make it a big lunch. The green salad is great, especially if you ask for a spinach salad since spinach is rich in protein. 

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