The Pizza Lover's Guide To Ordering Take-Out For The Family Dog

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The Pizza Lover's Guide To Ordering Take-Out For The Family Dog

8 July 2015
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Family pizza night doesn't have to be exclusive to the humans in your home. For many families, it's common to share some of the dinner with the dog. When it comes to pizza, there are a lot of ingredients to consider for a dog's health. Ordering the perfect pizza for your canine from restaurants in Canada requires a little extra planning to ensure that you're considering the dog's diet and nutritional needs. Use the following guide to select the best toppings and pizza varieties for your next take-out order.

Pizza Sauce

A hearty red sauce on a pizza is filled with a lot of tomatoes. While raw tomatoes can be a healthy treat for dogs, over-consumption may lead to stomach issues like cramps or diarrhea. When ordering a pizza for your dog, request that it has it light sauce. This will still give the flavor of a pizza sauce, but it will feature a lot less tomato sauce.

If your dog has had issues with tomatoes in the past, then you should consider skipping the red sauce all together. You can select a white pizza that has no sauce, or choose an alternative sauce like a creamy Alfredo sauce.

Meat Toppings

Dogs are naturally drawn to meats and there are plenty of meat toppings that they can consume. Adding these toppings to a pizza will give them something to crave and enjoy as your pet devours each slice.

One of the best meats to order on your dog's pizza is chicken. Grilled or boiled chicken is a great option for dogs and also tastes great on a number of different pizzas. It includes proteins and vitamins that are essential to a dog's health. Ground beef is another great option for a pizza topping. Try to avoid overly salty toppings like pepperoni, ham, or sausage. These should only be consumed in limited quantities for the dog.

Vegetable Toppings

Fresh vegetables are great for a dog's metabolism and should be a part of an everyday diet. When added to a pizza, you can add a lot of great flavors, especially when they are mixed with a variety of meats and cheeses. Adding a leafy vegetable to your dog's pizza is an ideal option that provides a lot of nutrients. For pizzas, one of the most common leafy toppings is spinach. Spinach pairs well with chicken and is commonly found on a lot of pizzas.

Broccoli is another great option for your dog, but the pizza should not be filled with it. Request a small amount of broccoli when ordering the pizza. As you consider vegetables, avoid anything with onions or mushrooms. These vegetables are not good for dogs and can lead to stomach issues.

Pizza Crust

Dogs that consume a lot of crust can lead to the over consumption of carbohydrates. Instead of ordering a traditional crust, look for different options like a thin crust. This will help reduce the amount of carbohydrates that your dog consumes while still providing them with a pizza experience.

If you still choose a traditional crust, it's a good idea to cut off the crust and serve your dog just the pizza.

Side Orders

There are a number of side orders you can add to the pizza. This can give your dog an extra treat to go along with the pizza. Instead of an hour of regular fries, order a side of sweet potato fries for your pet. Sweet potatoes feature a lot of nutrients that can help your dog. When serving your dog the fries, do not add any extra salt. Other sides, including fresh chicken or salad is ideal for dogs.

Always consider your dog's personal health before placing any orders. Consider specific vet recommendations that you have received in the past.