Ways To Improve Your Restaurant's Beef Burgers

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Ways To Improve Your Restaurant's Beef Burgers

7 July 2022
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If you serve burgers at your restaurant, then of course you want them to be delicious and unique. You want customers to bite into them and say "Wow, that's a good burger." So what if, when you bite into your current burgers, you are finding them to be only average? Here are some suggestions for ways to improve them.

Use 80/20.

If you are using really lean beef in an effort to make your burgers healthier or less fatty, that could be why they don't have as much flavor as you'd like. Fat in beef gives it flavor, and using beef with less than around 20 percent fat can result in burgers that are dryer and less flavorful. Switch to 80/20 and you'll likely notice an improvement in your burgers' texture.

Salt the outsides, only.

If you are mixing salt or any seasoning mix that contains salt into the burgers, this could be why they aren't coming out amazing. While salt does add flavor to the meat and you need salt to get a good burger, adding salt to the inside of the burger can cause it to dry out. You only want to salt the outsides of the burgers, and only just before cooking. Use kosher salt as it sticks to the burgers better and creates a nice crust. You can add other seasonings and flavorings to the insides of your burgers, but nothing that's too salty.

Add a little Worcestershire.

Even if you do not heavily season the insides of your burgers, you can add a splash or two of Worcestershire sauce to the burger meat. This will add a bit more umami flavor to the meat and bring some more complexity to the burger. Another option is to simply shake a little Worcestershire over the burgers as they cook on the flat top or in the pan.

Get your cooking times perfect.

If you overcook a burger, it won't be as tasty as you'd like it to be. But cooking a burger to the right doneness is not always easy. A good approach is to make five or six burgers, place them on the grill, and grill them for varying times. For instance, you could cook one for 3 minutes a side, one for 4 minutes a side, one for 5 minutes a side, and so forth. See which ones you like best, and make those your go-to cooking times.

The ideas above can help you greatly improve the quality of your beef burgers. Enjoy!