3 Benefits Of Restaurant Ramen Noodles Over Packaged Ones

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3 Benefits Of Restaurant Ramen Noodles Over Packaged Ones

12 October 2021
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The ramen noodle bowls you order from a restaurant are a lot different than the ones you purchase from a grocery store. Despite having the same name, the noodles you enjoy come with many differences. Learn about the differences and all the benefits you will find when you dine at a ramen restaurant as opposed to just eating a quick meal.

1. Slow Cooked

When you purchase ramen noodles from the grocery store, they are made to cook in less than ten minutes. You typically do not have the luxury to slow cook fresh noodles. When you dine at a restaurant, the ramen noodles are often made fresh and slow-cooked for several hours. The slow-cooked noodles really soak up the flavors and create a lot of rich tastes. 

Restaurant menus will often list how long they cook the noodles for on average. 

2. Less Salt & Preservatives

When food is packaged for a grocery store, the packages often include more salt and preservatives to keep the items fresh and prevent spoiling. The ramen broth packet mixtures will often include excess salt as well. When you order fresh ramen at a restaurant, the chefs do not need as much salt.

Overall, the ramen you eat is a healthier option and your sodium intake will be lower than most ramen packages at grocery stores.

3. Flavors & Options

When you dine at a restaurant, the ramen meals you order have a wide range of differences, which gives you a lot more options than a grocery store. The ramen noodles you order could be standard noodles, whole wheat, or vegan. You also have the option for a lot of side foods. 

Many restaurants prepare fresh meats to go along with ramen noodles. Meat options typically include steak, chicken, and beef. Vegetable options include fresh vegetables like corn or snap peas. If store-bought ramen includes vegetables, the veggies are often freeze-dried and not fresh.

A restaurant offers a lot of different broth options as well. You can choose from meat or vegetable broths to go with the slow-cooked noodles. Specials may include seasonal broths and special menu items available for a limited time.

When you want a complete ramen meal, you do not need to worry about buying all the extras and taking the time to cook extra elements.

Check out ramen restaurant menus online to see all the different options and take advantage of the available menu options.