Learn How To Order A Keto-Friendly Pizza From A Pizza Restaurant

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Learn How To Order A Keto-Friendly Pizza From A Pizza Restaurant

28 May 2017
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The Ketogenic Diet is a diet that is quickly becoming more and more popular. The diet requires you to eat natural sources of fat in high quantities, eat moderate amounts of protein, and greatly restrict your carbohydrate intake. This way of eating has helped many people to be able to lose massive amounts of weight, but can be difficult to follow when you go out to eat at restaurants that are known for having foods that are very carbohydrate-dense. If you are considering the Ketogenic Diet and want to be able to order a pizza for dinner one night, use the following guide to learn how to order the perfect pizza for you.

Ask for a Crustless Pizza

The first thing you need to do is to request for the pizza shop to create a crustless pizza for you. Many people do not realize that many pizza shops will be more than willing to create a pizza without a crust because it cuts down on the time and supplies that are needed to create the pizza. They can make the pizza in one of the deep-dish pans quickly and easily.

Ask About the Sauces

When you order a pizza from a pizza restaurant, you need to ask about the sauces they use on the pizzas. Many pizza restaurants have many different options when it comes to the sauces they offer for their pizzas. You want to be sure that they do not use thickening agents in their white sauce, such as corn starch or flour. You also want to make sure that their red sauce does not have added sugar in it.

Load the Pizza with Healthy Toppings

When you are on the Ketogenic Diet, you want to be sure to eat lots of meats, cheeses, and low-carb veggies. You can get a crustless pizza topped with many different kinds of cheeses, meats, and broccoli, green peppers, or even mushrooms. You want to avoid onions on the pizza though, because they are high in carbs.

When you order from your local Italian pizzeria, you want to be sure to have it delivered to your house right away or that you go and pick it up quickly. Since there is not a crust on the bottom of the pizza, the sauce and cheese can quickly start to soak into the box and create a bit of a mess. The sooner you can start eating it, the better.