Enjoying Your Event With Minimal Concern And Maximum Taste - Questions For Your Catering Service

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Enjoying Your Event With Minimal Concern And Maximum Taste - Questions For Your Catering Service

3 May 2017
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Whether you're hosting a professional luncheon, a family gathering, or any kind of event in between, a reliable catering service can go a long way toward relieving a great deal of your stress. However, without proper preparation, you may find yourself stressing over details that are already likely to be handled. The information to soothe your concerns is likely out there, but you have to ask for it.

Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your catering service. Having the answers to these questions should help guarantee that you can enjoy your event without stress, and will allow you to chow down and enjoy the food that your guests are certainly impressed by.

Ask About Dietary Restrictions

Modern science now allows people to deal with specific dietary restrictions that they may previously have struggled with quietly. Ancient religious traditions remain a limiting factor on some people's diets, and the number of concerns in between those two extremes is still high.

Rather than stressing over whether guests with restrictions will be adequately fed, you should open a dialogue with your caterers about their method for handling these issues. This includes not only knowing that substitutions are available, but also having your concerns about food handling procedures addressed in a way you can feel confident about.

Ask About Excess Food

One factor that may make some people hesitant about engaging a catering service is uncertainty over what happens to excess food. On one level, it's important to avoid generating waste, but on another, it's also vital that you don't pay for things that no one eats.

Most catering services have a program in place that will allow you to either leave with packages of extra food or perhaps give you the option of donating it to local organizations in need. This can sometimes come with a tax write off or even a direct discount, and should be considered as one way to deal with overrun.

Ask About Setup Time

Catering services are all about convenience, and when you're hosting an event, it's important that your schedule is taken under consideration. Waiting around for food delivery or being forced to stay after for a caterer to pack can be frustrating, but can also likely be avoided through an open dialogue. Have a conversation with the catering manager in advance of the event about your schedule restrictions, and it's likely that they'll be able to fit into your desired time frame.

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