4 Ways To Introduce Pizza To A Picky Eater

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4 Ways To Introduce Pizza To A Picky Eater

28 December 2020
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If your child is a picky eater, then you may have trouble introducing some of the more basic foods into their life. One of the more challenging foods is pizza. If you want your child to love pizza, then consider four tips to help get a child to eat and enjoy pizza for years to come.

1. A Basic Pizza

When ordering pizza, you do not have to over-complicate things. Stick to a plain cheese pizza, so the child doesn't worry about eating meat or veggie toppings. The cheese pizza provides a ton of flavors and is an ideal starting point for children.

When you order a pizza, you can also order a double-sliced option. A double-sliced pizza features extra cuts so the pizza has small triangles. A smaller piece will not feel as overwhelming for a child and is an ideal starting point for eating pizza.

2. Toppings Underneath the Cheese

As a child begins to enjoy pizza more, you can introduce toppings like pepperoni, sausage, tomatoes, or spinach. When the toppings are out in the open on the top of the pizza, a child may be hesitant to try it. When you order a pizza, you can request the toppings underneath the cheese.

You can still tell your child what's in the pizza, but the visual will just look like a regular slice of cheese. From there, the child may try out the different toppings and enjoy the flavors once they get past the initial hesitation.

3. Pizza Dipping

If a child has a favorite dipping sauce, then you can implement the sauce into a pizza meal so your child will be more likely to try the pizza. For example, ranch dressing makes a good pizza topping. You can cut pizza down into small dipping slices similar to breadsticks. The child can dip the pizza in and enjoy the flavors with some added ranch.

You can also consider other dipping options, like honey or barbecue sauce.

4. Pizza Party

Instead of focusing on just eating the pizza, you can turn the whole event into a fun pizza party. The party elements will encourage everyone to eat and enjoy pizza as part of the big theme. For example, you can print out pizza coloring pages, sing songs about pizza, and watch documentary clips about the history of pizza.

The whole party vibe will culminate into a pizza celebration where everyone gets to enjoy hot, fresh, and delicious pizza.

Try one or more of these ideas to try and get your picky eater to enjoy pizza.