Why You Should Choose Italian Catering

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Why You Should Choose Italian Catering

13 January 2020
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When it comes to catering an event, you can choose from all kinds of different foods. However, one of the very best types of food to offer your guests is Italian food. If you're on the fence about what type of cuisine to serve, just consider the many reasons you should opt for Italian.

It's Affordable

To start off with, Italian food tends to be very affordable. Most of it is made from or with pasta, which, while delicious, is a very inexpensive ingredient. Other than the pasta, most dishes are made with simple meats and cheeses, with bread on the side, which also keeps costs down

So, if you're looking for a thrifty way to feed your group, Italian food is where it's at!

It's Versatile

When it comes to Italian food, there's truly something for everyone. Vegetarians can enjoy plain pasta or eggplant parmesan, while vegans can just eliminate the meat and cheese from any dish.

Salads and breads are also common and tend to work for any diet or lifestyle.

No matter what tastes, dietary needs, or preferences may be present at your event, everyone should be pleased. You can even set up a pasta bar that allows everyone to make their dish exactly to their tastes.

It's Healthy

Italian food sometimes gets a bad reputation when it comes to its nutritional value. However, it actually can be quite healthy. Most ingredients are natural or, at the very least, minimally processed. Plus, any dish can be made with fewer calories by reducing cheese, sauce, and other caloric ingredients.

If you want healthy food, then choose Italian and just ask that it be made as healthy as possible.

It's Kid-Friendly

Are there going to be children at your event? If so, you should know that kids are notoriously picky eaters and can be very difficult to please.

However, almost every child likes basic Italian dishes. Things like spaghetti, noodles with butter, and even mini pizzas can all be part of an Italian catering setup, and they are all things that most kids will gladly eat, keeping everyone at your event happy.

As you can see, Italian catering is a great option for a lot of different reasons. Whether your event is formal or casual, and no matter what kinds of guests you're inviting or what their preferences are, you can please everyone and save a little money if you choose Italian food.