Assess These Things When You Buy Stainless Steel Restaurant Sinks

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Assess These Things When You Buy Stainless Steel Restaurant Sinks

25 July 2019
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Sinks might not be the most exciting pieces of stainless steel equipment that you buy to outfit the kitchen of your restaurant, but they're among the things that your kitchen staff will use the most. When you visit a restaurant supply company to begin shopping for sinks, it's important to decide what your budget will be. The cost of these sinks can range considerably, depending on a variety of factors, and you want to ensure that you can get the best product for the money that you want to spend. There are several details to go over before you choose your sinks, including these.

Number Of Sinks

Perhaps the first thing to think about when you shop for stainless steel sinks for your restaurant is the number of sinks that you want. This doesn't mean the number of overall sink units — but rather the number of sinks within a single unit. Some units have one, two, or three sinks. Obviously, you'll need to assess the available space in your kitchen, but a fixture that has multiple sinks can be advantageous. For example, if a kitchen staff member is using one sink to wash some vegetables before cutting them, a colleague can use the adjacent sink to wash his or her hands.

Sink Depth

You should also assess what you want in terms of the depth of each of your sinks. Stainless steel restaurant sinks are available in different depths. There are pros and cons of each depth to some degree. For example, while a deeper sink is beneficial for fitting more in it, reaching to the bottom requires more bending — which may lead to back pain for your kitchen staff. Conversely, a shallow sink can be easier to use because of less bending, but it won't hold as much. Consult your chef and other kitchen staff to decide what type of depth will be appropriate.

Adjacent Countertop Space

Some sink units consist solely of the sinks, while others have built-in countertop space on one or both sides. Choosing how you'll proceed depends partly on where you'll be placing your sinks in your restaurant's kitchen. Many people choose to position their sinks to be free-standing — often in an area that is easy to access, but that isn't in the way. In this case, countertop space beside the sinks is valuable. For example, a kitchen staff member who is watching vegetables can pile them on the counter beside the sink.

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