Dust Your Pizza Crust With These Toppings To Satisfy Your Customers

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Dust Your Pizza Crust With These Toppings To Satisfy Your Customers

8 November 2018
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When you bake a pizza for your restaurant's take-out or dine-in customers, the crust should stand on its own. No one wants a pizza in which a piece of crust isn't tasty, and seeing empty plates from your dine-in patrons is an indicator that your crust is going over well. It doesn't hurt to constantly be looking for ways to improve your crust, however, and there are many ways of doing so. Don't fuss over trying to stuff your pizzas' crusts with cheese or other ingredients. Instead, simply brush the crust with butter and top it sprinkle on any of these toppings before or after you bake it.

Parmesan Cheese

One simple way to improve the deliciousness of your pizza crusts is to brush them with butter and then sprinkle a helping of Parmesan cheese over them. The cheese will stick to the butter and melt while the pie is in the oven. Don't go overboard with the Parmesan; you don't want the individual slices of pizza to be difficult to handle because they're greasy. Even a small amount of cheese can do the trick.


Another tasty topping to add to your pizza crusts is dried oregano. Many pizza lovers enjoy a few dashes of dried oregano over the tops of their pies, so those who have a taste for this herb will almost certainly appreciate the option of adding it to their crusts. Aromatic and slightly spicy, oregano will add another flavor component to any pizza.

Crushes Pepper Flakes

You probably have a handful of spicy pizza toppings available at your restaurant, whether it's something such as spicy sausage, banana peppers, or jalapeno peppers. For your customers who enjoy heat, there's nothing wrong with giving them the option of adding heat to their pizza crust in the form of hot pepper flakes. A brushing of butter and a gentle sprinkling of pepper flakes can boost the spiciness of the pizza to a desired level.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds might seem like an unusual ingredient to sprinkle over a pizza crust — and, granted, they won't work well with every type of pizza. If you offer Asian-inspired pizzas on your menu, however — perhaps a shrimp pizza with peppers, onions, and Teriyaki sauce drizzled over top — the addition of sesame seeds can be a perfect complement. On your restaurant's menu, you can make some room to list these crust additions and instruct your servers to mention them to your patrons.

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