3 Things You Should Know About Going On A First Date

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3 Things You Should Know About Going On A First Date

20 May 2018
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If you're like most people, you want to make the best possible impression when you take someone on a first date -- and this often means choosing the right restaurant. The most common mistake made by those in this position is to automatically pick the most expensive restaurant they can afford without giving any thought to other factors. It won't make much of an impression, for instance, if you take someone who follows a strict vegetarian diet to a fancy steakhouse. 

Before you make reservations, always get a feel for the other person's likes and dislikes. If possible, go on a couple of mini-dates or at least having a few extended conversations before sitting down together at a restaurant table. Following are several more tips for choosing the right restaurant for a first date. 

1. Play it Safe

One of the last things you want is to look as if you're trying too hard, so don't go for the most romantic or most fashionable restaurant in town. Look for a middle-of-the-road place that caters to an adult clientele -- you definitely don't want your first date to be in a place where families with children routinely go for their evening meal.

Look for a good South Waterfront restaurant known for having good food and drinks but isn't necessarily having its 15 minutes of fame on the local restaurant scene. Also, keep in mind that choosing a restaurant that's super romantic or has higher than average restaurant prices may cause your date to feel overly pressured. 

2. Have a Backup Plan

Just in case you and your date get your wires crossed, and you make reservations at a cute seafood restaurant only to find out that your date can't stand or is allergic to seafood or a similar scenario occurs, have a backup plan in mind in case your restaurant choice doesn't work out. Identifying a nice little casual cafe where you can get in without a reservation if things don't work out can save the night. 

3. Choose a Central Location

Whether you're picking your date up or meeting the person at the restaurant, choosing a central location helps the evening go more smoothly for both parties. It's only fair that neither one of you should have to go too far out of your way and have to deal with a long ride home after the date is over.

Going to a restaurant you've been to before will help eliminate any surprises, so stick with familiar territory if possible. For more information, check out some restaurants in the South Waterfront area.